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Information relating to Assembly Hall and Blue Pool

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Documents from and relating to Melksham Town Council
document of interest1986Melksham Blue Pool and Assembly Hall Plan - 1986
1 drawing. Open air pool days.
document of interest2006Melksham Blue Pool Plan - 2006
1 drawing. Now enclosed
limited interest only2006xxMelksham 1st Urban Design Study - 2006
51 pages. Very limited reference to the Assembly Hall / Blue Pool site as Melksham House was in private hand (Cooper Tires)
Key document201712Melksham Assembly Hall Strategic Brief - 2017
17 pages. This document creates a strategic brief for the Assembly Hall based on consultation with the public, the Assembly Hall management and the Town Council. The strategic brief will be used to inform the feasibility study, business case, and grant bids if appropriate.
limited interest only201801Blue Pool for bowling? - 2018
2 pages. That the Council consider the opportunities for reuse of the 1000 sq.mts floor area Blue Pool building. Reuse could be for the 300 member Bowls Club and added stage and catering facilities for the Assembly Hall together with other Campus objectives.
document of interest20170512ASL bid Submission
It is with great pleasure that we submit our methodology statement and indicative fee proposal for carrying out a formal Feasibility Study for Melksham Town Council for the exciting project to enhance facilities for audiences and performers at the Assembly Hall (and Town Hall). Melksham Town Council is looking to improve the much-loved Assembly Hall and establish a cultural hub combining facilities in the Assembly Hall with the adjacent Town Hall rooted at the heart of the community. We believe that this development has the potential to provide the desired change that will give the Assembly Hall another 50 year life serving the town, transforming it into a sustainable and successful 21st century venue.
limited interest only20170512ASL Submission covering letter
document of interest20170713Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
Includes suggested terms of reference
limited interest only20170921Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
limited interest only20171102Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
Key document20180131Melksham Town Council Assembly Hall Outline Design Brief
8 Pages - excellent document we should measure 2023 proposals against
limited interest only201802CAD drawing of Town Hall, Basement?
document of interest201802CAD drawing of rooms in Town Hall and Assembly Hall Ground Floor
document of interest201802CAD drawing of rooms in Town Hall and Assembly Hall First Floor
limited interest only201802CAD drawing of rooms in Town Hall and Assembly Hall Second Floor
document of interest201802CAD drawing - elevations of Town Hall and Assembly Hall
limited interest only201802Key to CAD drawings
1 page
limited interest only20180322Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
document of interest201803CONDITION SURVEY REPORT in respect of MELKSHAM ASSEMBLY HALL
55 pages. Alpina Property Consultancy Limited
limited interest only20181213Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
limited interest only20190221Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
limited interest only20190321Notes of a Meeting of the Assembly Hall Working Group
Key document202002Building Survey report on all Melksham Town Council properties - 2020
23 pages. Majoring on Melksham Assembly Hall including works needed and costed.
document of interest202011Building survey follow up
34 pages. The purpose of this report is to inform members of the findings of the Building Survey Report of all the Town Council property and assets in March 2020.
Key document202101National Design Guide
66 pages. The National Planning Policy Framework makes clear that creating high quality buildings and places is fundamental to what the planning and development process should achieve. This National Design Guide, and the National Model Design Code and Guidance Notes for Design Codes illustrate how well-designed places that are beautiful, healthy, greener, enduring and successful can be achieved in practice. It forms part of the Government’s collection of planning practice guidance and should be read alongside the separate planning practice guidance on design process and tools.
limited interest only202107Prioriy for People - report - 2021
73 pages. 'How can we make it easier and safer for people, vehicles and goods to move within Melksham town and surrounding villages, in line with the needs of the climate emergency?' Superbly useful survey and results, though town-wide and with only limited Assembly Hall / Blue Pool relevance
document of interest20210805Melksham News Story - mothball hall?
Key document20210809Hall future - report
16 pages. To update members on the background and current situation at the Assembly Hall (AH) after 18 months of disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to update councillors on the recent history and current financial situation in relation to the AH. It will outline options that Melksham Town Council (MTC) could adopt.
document of interest20210809Hall future - Agenda and minutes
4 pages - most on other topics but some important issues on staffing, marketing and costs
document of interest20220404Pricing prior to 2022 and proposal (NOT the one adopted) for new hire prices
5 pages
limited interest only20221201Melksham Town Centre Masterplan - draft report
86 pages. This report sets out a spatial masterplan and guidance for Melksham Town Centre Area, linked to the Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan (JMNP) Town Centre Policy 9, to lead and stimulate its protection, conservation, enhancement and regeneration and sustained vitality. The masterplan presented in this report aligns with the vision of the JMNP and recognises the key longer term trends that town centres now must respond to, in order to stay current.
document of interest202212Assembly Hall Working Group terms of reference
2 pages - draft with suggested changes
Key document202301Melksham Assembly Hall Community Survey - 2022/3
152 pages. Findings from the public survey 7th November – 28th December 2022. 647 individuals or organisations submitted a response to the survey, and as well as collective statistics from them, all individual write-in responses and ideas are included. Several pages of Blue Pool mention even though at that time it was not on the radar.
Key document20230529Motion to consider BP with AH
5 pages. I request that we take an urgent, visionary joined-up look to the future of publicly owned assets in and around the Town Hall and Assembly Hall with a view to setting a strategy for Melksham Town Council assets and the amenities they provide for the next ten years. I further request that we then follow that vision before potential opportunities are lost.
document of interest20230602Wiltshire Council to Melksham Town rejecting MTC offer for Melksham House
2 pages. Includes a request 'I do wish to open constructive dialogue with you to discuss the future ownership of the old Blue Pool site which adjoins the Assembly Rooms site'
document of interest20230626Data in agenda pack
12 pages. Motion from A&A and HJ proposal
document of interest20230626Request in agenda pack to full council
3 page extract suggesting way forward
Key document20230626Motion on how we do it / minuted
6 pages. See pages 5 and 6
document of interest20230718Letter inviting councillors to look at new build in Tidworth
2 sides. I wanted to tell you about South West Project Management (SWPM)’s ongoing success working with Tidworth Town Council (TTC) and the Mayor of Tidworth, Mark Connolly, the driving force behind their fantastic new civic building, and how we believe we can replicate that success working with other Town Councils in the South West, such as Melksham.
document of interest20230719Agenda for AHWG meeting of 24th July 2023
2 pages. 'Dear Councillors - You are invited to attend the Assembly Hall Working Group meeting of the Melksham Town Council. The meeting will be held at the Town Hall on Monday 24th July 2023 commencing at 7.00 pm. Yours sincerely Mrs L A Roberts BA(Hons), PGCAP, FHEA, FSLCC Town Clerk and RFO'
Key document20230815MELKSHAM TC UPDATE REPORT. Repair & Refurbishment Projects – August 2023 Report By: Reg Williams, LCC Associate
2 pages. 'For the purposes of this short update report, I shall only be referring to the Assembly Hall project'
Key document20231023Structural Survey of Blue Pool - 23.10.2023
5 pages
limited interest only20231023Head of Operations Report - 23.10.2023
2 pages
document of interest20231106Agenda for AHWG meeting including AH needs from last year
160 pages
Key document202303Cluster 1 inputs from March to inform AHWG
30 pages
Key document20231106Overview of where we are and choices to be made
4 pages
document of interest20240122Initial Architect Feedback
3 pages

Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall documents
document of interest20210902Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall - initial meeting - 2021
19 slides. This is our new (Summer 2021) friends group to look forward to how we gan help take The Hall forward in coming months and years
document of interest2022History of Melksham Assembly Hall - 2022
10 pages. Compiled by Lisa Ellis of The Well House Collection
document of interest20220825Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall update
22 slides. 1. Where we are now 2. What we need to be considering 3. If / how we set up a committee and organisation
limited interest only20220828Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall - draft constitution
3 pages. Identity, objectives, philosophy, governance, meetings, finances, winding up
Key document20230522Initial Suggestion of Blue Pool linkage from FoMAH - 2023
5 pages. Would it be practical for Melksham Town Council to obtain the Blue Pool and combine it with the Assembly Hall for a vast improvement, at a sensible cost? This could be either by an asset transfer from Wiltshire Council, or claiming its rightful ownership.
document of interest20230626A history of swimming in Melksham
11 pages. The opportunity for Melksham Town Council to acquire the Blue Pool premises opens a townwide discussion over the merits of either following through or walking away. If it’s decided that keeping the site for the town is preferred, should it be demolished and the land used for something related to the Assembly Hall, or something completely different? Or, perhaps the building is sound enough to make minor adjustments and incorporate it into the Assembly Hall and add other community resources. These are questions that will be examined over the next few months, with a report back to full Town Council by 25 September, 2023. lead / Lisa Ellis
Key document20230716Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall - Business Plan
3 pages. A Business Proposal to amalgamate Melksham’s Blue Pool with the Assembly Hall. The Issue. Option Analysis. Proposal. Procurement Route. Conclusion - lead / Howard Jones
Key document20230717Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall - Example of what could be done
29 slides. Regarding the Acquisition of the Blue Pool by Melksham Town Council. As presented by members of the Friends of Melksham Assembly Hall - lead / Lisa Ellis
document of interest20230722Comparison of Tidworth and Melksham - plans
2 pages
limited interest only20230723Pictures of the Cheese and Grain
document of interest20231109Local Transport Plan - parking and public transport spec
7 pages from longer document

Melksham Assembly Hall programs of public events
limited interest only20221001Assembly Hall program leaflet - October to December 2022
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events. Includes 'Blasts from the past' and plans for hirers
limited interest only20230101Assembly Hall program leaflet - January to March 2023
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events
limited interest only20230401Assembly Hall program leaflet - April to June 2023
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events. Includes hall plan for hirers.
limited interest only20230701Assembly Hall program leaflet - July to September 2023
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events. Includes a look ahead to the autumn
limited interest only20231001Assembly Hall program leaflet - October to December 2023
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events.
limited interest only20240101Assembly Hall program leaflet - January to March 2024
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events.
limited interest only20240401Assembly Hall program leaflet - April to June 2024
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events.
document of interest20240701Assembly Hall program leaflet - July to September 2024
6 fold (12 side) leaflet featuring public events.

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